Training for Greeters


The 5 t's

  1. Teachable: Greeters should have the right spirit and heart that desires to serve the church and its people well.  Every greeter should be willing to be taught and learn new ways to improve.  Greeters who are ever-learning can greatly enhance the environment of our church.
  2. Thoughtfulness:  Greeters should be looking for ways to serve and help others.  Opening doors, assisting visitors, being courteous, and looking for ways to help others along with their other duties can bring a positive reflection for the church.  
  3. Tactfulness:  Greeters should present themselves in being able to communicate well and have a keen sense of knowing what to say, what to do, and where to direct others as a way to maintain good relations and prevent distractions in the service.
  4. Timeliness:  Greeters should be on time and also timely in bringing assistance to others.  An effective greeter does not wait to be asked for help or wait for others to help but is keenly aware of the visitors needs and promptly ask them if they need any assistance.  
  5. Teamwork.  Greeters should work as a team, each one working together as a whole.  Greeters should work together in helping guest and welcoming members.