Is there a place for my baby?  At Lighthouse we want you to be able to enjoy each and every part of the service.  Part of that is having a safe place for your children so you know they are being taken care of.  We have a fully staffed nursery that is provided every service. The nursery is available for children 0 to 2 years old.  Our nursery is loaded with toys, books, and other fun things for your children to do while you enjoy the service.

Is there a place to nurse my baby?  We have a private furnished nursing room just across from the women's bathroom that is available to any nursing mother.  There are seats, a pack and play, and a tv that live-streams the service. 

What about my older kids? LBC Kidz is designed for For children ages 3-12.  We split the kids up into 3 different classes Beginner Class: Preschool - Kindergarten Class, 1st-3rd Grade Class, and the 4th-6th Grade Class.  Once in their class they will sing songs, hear a bible story, and do fun activities and crafts. 

How do they get to their class? Everyone starts out in the main service until the children are dismissed for class.  Right before the offering, we have a kids parade. All of our children's church teachers meet in the middle isle.  The children are then encouraged to find their teacher, we pray, and the children are then dismissed to go to their class. 

How do I pick them up?  After service is over, children are only allowed to leave their class with a parent or guardian.  They will not be allowed to leave the class on their own.  All the classes are marked with a sign (Preschool -Kindergarten class), (1st-3rd grade class), (4th-6th grade class).  Your children will be waiting by the door ready to go when you come to pick them up.  Our hope is they will be excited to show you their craft and tell you all about the lesson they learned that day.

My child has food allergies.  We take food allergies very seriously.  We are happy to work closely with you as the parent with any substitute snacks so that we can ensure the safety of your child.  Please be sure to mention any allergies in your pre-registration and/or at check-in.

Please feel free to use the contact us page for any of your further questions.

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