Things to know


Parking: When you come for service you will want to park in our parking lot on the north side of the building.  There are entrances to the parking lot on 6th street and Baker street.  You are free to park wherever you want but ideally we have two spaced especially reserved for our guest like you.  

Coming Inside:  When coming inside you can come in the glass double doors located under the covered walkway.  There will be a greeter at the door who will welcome you and give you a bulletin.  This will have all the information about the main service, announcements for things going on in the church, and your attendance card.  The attendance card is important because that is how we get to know you.  You only have to fill out what you feel comfortable with. By letting us know this is your first time, it allows us to connect with you. Don't worry, our greeters are able to help you with all of this and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Finding a Seat:  When you leave the entry way you will take a right and go all the way down the hall to the big double doors.  (Just before you get to the double doors to the auditorium you will pass the Women's Restroom, if you take a right down the hall past the water fountain you will find the Men's Restroom.. just a helpful thing to know.)  Once inside the auditorium you can choose any seat that you would like.  We also have a friendly usher that would love to help you find a seat.    

What About My Kids?